The Momsense Breast Feeding tells mothers how much milk their baby has received from breastfeeding. 

Momsense developed and launched The Smart Breastfeeding Meter- a simplified companion for nursing moms, giving them a digital outlet for keeping track of how much their baby breastfeeds.  A consumer product & app including Patented technology tracks the baby’s unique physiological swallowing patterns and measures a baby’s breast milk volume intake while nursing. The product solves the #1 breast feeding problem

The Momsense Breastfeeding Meter support you to continue breastfeed knowing how much milk your baby is nursing. Momsense had many great tips for you on its application on your mobile such as: increase supply, The first month breastfeeding, latching tips and more



Safety and Comfort

The Smart Breastfeeding Meter is comprised of the Momsense earset and an App. The Momsense earphones includes a small baby safe sensor, which is placed beneath baby’s earlobe. The earphones connect to your smartphone. Using the Momsense application, you can track each nursing session, receive a detailed report of the amount of milk that your baby has nursed and maintain an ongoing record of nursing patterns over time.

Momsense is safe to use, both for you and your baby. When you start nursing, it’s recommended to set your smartphone to airplane mode, in order to avoid emission from the smart phone. The Momsense app does not require a cellular or mobile connection, and it is fully functional in airplane mode. We designed Momsense to allow mothers and babies to nurse-and to be nursed-safe and naturally.

Airplane mode allows you to turn off a cellular phone’s ability to broadcast or receive signals. This mode eliminates emission from the cellphone and  your mobile network, WiFi and Bluetooth network are not connected.

The baby safe sensor is connected to the baby using a biocompatible, hypoallergenic sticker, designed and developed in the 3M Company’s laboratories, and especially adapted to the sensitive skin of babies. We designed Momsense to allow mothers and babies to nurse-and to be nursed-safe and naturally.

Yes. The sticker can be used multiple times and it is generally good for three to four nursing sessions. The sticker ensures that the sensor stays in place during each nursing session. Between nursing sessions, it’s best to store the sensor in the cradle, so that it stays clean and continues to be sticky. When the sticker loses its effectiveness, switch to a new sticker.

No, Momsense is not a medical device.

Momsense provides general information about nursing. It cannot replace professional consultation, nor can it replace your receiving the assistance of a licensed professional who can address the specifics of your personal situation.


How Momsense Works

The Momsense earphones set includes a small baby safe sensor, which is placed beneath baby’s earlobe. The earphones connect to your smartphone. Using the Momsense application, you can track each nursing session and maintain an ongoing record of nursing patterns over time.

Momsense includes:

    1. Momsense earphones with a nursing sensor, which tracks your baby’s swallow pattern.
    2. Product code, allowing you to register for the application; when you download the application, use the product code that appears on the right side inside the cover
    3. Envelope with biocompatible, hypoallergenic stickers that can be used multiple times to attach the sensor to your baby’s skin.
    4. User guide

Momsense is simple and easy to use:

    1. Plug the earphones into your smartphone or tablet.
    2. Place the baby safe sensor under the baby’s earlobe.
    3. start the App on airplane mode.
    4. Breastfeed as usual.

The earphones allow you to listen to the swallowing sounds that your baby makes while nursing. It is a wonderful way for you to learn to identify swallowing out of the many sounds that are made by your baby. When you’re not breastfeeding, the Momsense earphones can be used as regular earphones.

We recommend letting older brothers and sisters, as well as your partner share your earphones and have a listen. Hearing the sweet gulping sounds is a truly unique experience.

Yes. Place the baby safe sensor 0.2 inches (0.5cm) below the baby’s earlobe and in diagonal line with the top of the ear as illustrated in the product User Guide and the application Quick Guide. Place earphones in your ears to listen to your baby’s swallows- this allow you to be certain the baby sensor is in place.

Yes. Momsense’s technology is based on signal and voice analysis to detect your baby swallow sounds which allows us to calculate the amount of milk that your baby received from nursing. Noisy environments affect the operation of the system and therefore, the accuracy of Momsense. For best results, when using The Smart Breastfeeding Meter, please make sure to keep the environment quiet so you can enjoy Momsense’s best performance. Besides, you deserve a break from noisy environments, anyway – so this is another ‘excuse’ to get some quiet time!

There isn’t a one to all answer to the question of how much a baby needs to receive in a single nursing session. It depends on the baby’s weight, age, the number of meals that the baby receives in a 24-hour period, and other factors.

Using Momsense, you’ll be able to identify and track the baby’s swallowing. using the Momsense earphones and app, you will know with certainty that your baby nursed. You’ll also know how much milk your baby received at each meal, and you’ll learn to recognize your baby’s eating patterns over time.

Just after birth, your baby receives all of the necessary nutrition from colostrum, and you probably won’t be able to hear swallowing sounds. It is recommended that you wait to use Momsense until after the colostrum has been replaced by milk. This generally takes about four or five days after childbirth, but it can take up to seven days.

The Momsense application allows you to track all nursing sessions. If you want to maintain separate records for your babies, you can install the Momsense application on two devices (smartphones or tablets), and set up each device for one of the babies. This way, you will be able to track the nursing patterns of each of the babies separately.

Momsense does not guarantee a satisfactory response for babies weighing less than 2 kg.  Due to the fact that in some cases the babies sound chamber may be weak or not fully developed. In addition, in some cases (especially birth before 34 weeks ) the babies swallowing reflex has not evolved in its entirety, thus affecting the suction.
However, Momsense successfully tracks and monitors the baby’s swallows, continuously, from the very beginning stages of a healthy baby.
Momsense accuracy can be compromised while using a nipple shield.  Some mothers tested have no issues with accuracy, although it is not recommended to be used with a nipple shield
The Momsense app runs in the background.  While we highly recommend placing your phone in airplane mode while using Momsense,  we know some moms want to use their breastfeeding time catching up on emails, reading or checking Facebook all while the Momsense app is working. This is all possible.   All you have to do is open another app and the Momsense bar will appear at the top of the navigation screen, indicating the Momsense app is functioning while you use your smartphone to do other things.


Warranty and Purchase

Momsense provides a six-month warranty, from the date of purchase.

Momsense has a 30 day return policy for all purchases made online.

Get in touch with us and we’ll make it happen:



Momsense developed a cutting edge patent technology and sensor that fundamentally detects and analyzes BF sessions in real time applying signal and pattern recognition tools. The application viewed by users is backed up with a complex algorithm that analyzes the effective swallow sounds, by identifying unique audio signals,such as individualized baby swallow sounds, and in turn translates them into quantities of milk consumed.  The technology can report in real time infant swallow sounds, and differentiate between other infant non-swallow sounds. Once a monitored BF session is finished a customized report is provided to every Momsense user.

Momsense algorithm is based on a database of hundreds of nursing events, and thousands of documented swallow sounds.  All measurements are analyzed and documented in the Momsense laboratory. The resulting computed quantities of milk consumed were compared with recorded changes in baby’s weight directly after feeding (the medical standard today for measuring the amount of milk consumed).  This all resulting in Momsense being able to compute an optimal assessment of the quantity of milk baby has consumed.   The database continues to grow daily with measured and analyzed swallow sounds, thus evolving to peaked precision.  It is also important to try and minimize the noise level while using Momsense, so that you can get optimal readings.  Once you become a Momsense user, you’ll be able to allow us to document your Breastfeeding sessions, of course anonymously, and continue to help many moms with the information they want to know!

Momsense works with any device running iOS 8 or higher, and all android devices running 4.2 and above.

The Momsense earset is compatible with the iphone 7 earphone adapter


How to use momsense video’s, step by step

From start to finish

How to use Momsense: Package Components

How to use Momsense: Earset introduction and Sticker Setup

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