How Much Has Your Baby Nursed?

We can tell you.


How Much Has Your Baby Nursed?

We can tell you.


“This startup just solved one of the biggest breastfeeding challenges”


Too Many Moms Give Up Breastfeeding Early.

Not knowing how much their infant is feeding is the leading reason why 50% of moms stop breastfeeding after 4-6 weeks. According to the World Health Organization and UNICEF the recommended time for exclusively breastfeeding is 24 weeks.

Meet Momsense.

Momsense is the only Smart Breastfeeding Meter that tells you how much your baby has nursed. We are here to support and enhance your breastfeeding experience.


News Moms Agree:

Baby Cody’s mother
“...Momsense gave me peace of mind and the confidence to know how much my baby is nursing...”
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Baby Julie’s mother
“...Momsense gave me confidence and knowledge that he was getting what he needed..."
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Baby Hanna’s mother
“...when I began nursing, I really became aware of the importance of this kind of product..."
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Baby Tom’s mother
“...with Momsense I know for sure that he’s eating ‘enough’ and he has everything he needs...”
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Karen’s mother
“...Before I used the device I was totally lost, and I had no idea how much my son was eating...”
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Momsense Helps New Moms.

Know How Much Your Baby Is Nursing

Provides mothers with real-time knowledge of their baby’s milk intake and nursing habits.

“As a new breastfeeding mom, I was completely consumed by the fear that my baby wasn’t getting enough milk. With Momsense I was able to gain the confidence to continue breastfeeding.”



Breastfeed With Confidence

Hear and watch your baby swallow and get peace of mind knowing how much your baby is eating.

“The meter has been a game changer for me. I used to worry that my baby wasn’t getting the nutrients he needs. Now, I have confidence when I breastfeed, and I know that he is getting the proper amount of milk he needs to grow.”


Monitor Your Breastfeeding Sessions

Receive a feeding diary with complete nursing reports, weight, and photos.

“Using Momsense with my newborn helped reduce so much stress, the recording of each nursing session in the timeline reassured me that my baby was getting enough and what her eating patterns were throughout the days and nights.”


100% Baby Safe

Our proven product is safe and complies with strict safety standards.

“Knowing Momsense was 100% safe helped me feel comfortable using the device each time I nursed. As a first time mom the knowledge was so valuable.”


Patented Technology.

Our proven technology detects and analyzes your baby swallows by applying sophisticated signal and pattern recognition techniques.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, call us within 14 days to return your item.

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